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ILPP consultants have wide-ranging expertise in all areas of criminal justice and public safety policies, and they regularly work on ILPP projects commissioned by our clients.

Tom L. Allison
Jail Expert

Mr. Allison orchestrated savings of $28 million in construction and $9 million per year in the operation of a correctional system that integrated direct supervision of inmates in Orange County, Florida, and reduced recidivism by 34.7%. Mr. Allison was recognized nationally as the Administrator of the Year by the American Jail Association, and now works on jail medical software, detention facility planning, coordination of homeless programs, and consulting nationally.

Allen F. Breed, B.A.
Senior Advisor: Jail Crowding/Corrections

Mr. Breed is a retired Director of the California Youth Authority, noted long-time Director the National Institute of Corrections, and currently serves as Special Master for Federal/State Courts on Juvenile and Corrections Litigation Issues. Mr. Breed has lectured on correctional management, juvenile justice and delinquency prevention at institutions including the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Southern California. He has won numerous awards, including the Bill Butler Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to the improvement and modernization of corrections.

Joanne Brown, JD, MSW
Legal and Corrections Expert, Adult and Juvenile

Ms. Joanne Brown received her JD from University of California, Berkeley and recently served as General Counsel for the Children Youth and Families Department of the State of New Mexico. Ms. Brown was Director of the New Mexico OJJDP Drug Court Initiative as well as a judge for eight years. Additionally, she served as a Public Defender in Alameda County for both misdemeanor and felony cases for over fifteen years and as a former Deputy Director of the New Mexico State prison system for nearly a decade.

Kevin S. Burke, PhD, JD
Judicial Expert

Judge Kevin S. Burke has served Minnesota’s largest metropolitan court for nearly two decades. During that time, he was Chair of the Minnesota Conference of Chief Judges, Assistant Chief Judge of Hennepin County District Court, and currently serves as Presiding Judge of the Hennepin County Drug Court. Judge Burke has won numerous awards for his work in Minnesota as well as nationwide with the National Center for State Courts, including the Lifetime Achievement Award for leadership in the cause of freedom for people afflicted with chemical dependency and the Director’s Community Leadership Award from the United States Department of Justice.

Robert C. Cushman, MA
Criminal Justice System Data Specialist

Mr. Cushman is a national expert on justice system research and developing software to create more efficient overall processes. He served as a former President of the American Justice Institute and continues to work with them as a consultant. Additionally, he was a former executive director of the National Task Force to Develop Standards and Goals for Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention, as well as Assistant to the Superintendent in the California Rehabilitation Center.

Thomas A. Eberly, MA
Criminal Justice Planner

Mr. Eberly started as a probation officer and rose to lead the overall criminal justice coordinating functions in Lake County and Summit County, Ohio (Akron), as well as Mecklenburg County (Charlotte), North Carolina. His work has included several many major grant-funded research projects involving various initiatives aimed at managing jail overcrowding. Mr. Eberly has a background in research methodology, is proficient in statistical analysis, and has excellent national experience in best practices in justice system policy and procedures.

Carlo R. Esqueda, MBA
Court Administration and Records Expert

Mr. Esqueda is currently the elected Clerk of Dane County Circuit Court (Wisconsin) where he oversees the personnel, court records, and budgetary functions as well as a system of programs offering alternatives to incarceration. He served as a liaison between the Madison Police Department and the city and county’s Information Services Departments, as well as Director of Judicial Information Systems for Milwaukee County Circuit Court, where he gained extensive knowledge and experience in court adjudication.

Linda Guyden
Cost Analysis and Projections Expert

Ms. Guyden, is a nationally recognized top corporate Chief Auditor, a Certified Public Accountant and a Member of the Board of Directors for the Institute for Law and Policy Planning. She has wide expertise in accounting, financial management and operating efficiency on a very large scale, including development options, life-cycle costing, and quantitative cost-benefit calculations. Her extensive career includes working as a Senior Audit Manager for Ernst & Young, Director of Accounting Theory and Practices for Equitable Life, Vice President of Finance for UNUM Corporation’s Commercial Life Insurance Co., and others.

Chief Douglas Hambelton
Community Policing and Deployment Expert

Chief Hambelton is retired from the Berkeley Police Department, where he was a leader in California police matters with extensive experience in public order, police review, innovation and effective investigations. He is widely known for his work in staff training and human resources, as well as deployment efforts during decades of protests, involving community organizations in police work, and for his implementation of community oriented and problem solving policing.

Chief Calvin Handy
Police Personnel, Training and Community Relations

Chief Calvin E. Handy, an expert in the area of training and personnel, is Chief of Police at the University of California, Davis, and Coordinator of Public Services at the UC system-wide level. In the latter post, he is proposing and implementing new legislation for the police departments, reporting to the Regents, and updating and coordinating the system-wide policies and procedures manual, meeting with police chiefs from the nine campuses and acting as a liaison to the system administration.

Toni T. Healy, JD, MA
Public Defense Expert

Ms. Healy is currently a contract Federal defense and appeals attorney and member of the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law. She was a member of the state-wide task force on the vision and the mission of the California Parole Advocacy Program and has worked as a Public Defender for Lassen County. Ms. Healy managed and supervised attorneys and has also coordinated the planning of budgets in the millions.

John Kibre
Correctional Master Planner and Architect

Mr. Kibre was recently the Principal-in-Charge of The Design Partnership's justice practice. He has over 30 years of experience in planning and designing justice facilities, overall county facility master planning, and architectural planning research. Many of the projects directed by Mr. Kibre have received national recognition; eleven of his justice projects have been cited for design excellence in physical environment and overall operational efficiency, a prestigious distinction by the American Institute of Architects, Academy of Architecture for Justice.

Alice Lin, JD
Project Coordinator

Ms. Lin has overseen the coordination, research, and report production efforts in ILPP's recent engagements in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, among others over the last eight years. She has drafted deliverables and reports, conducted extensive analyses within the criminal justice environment, and researched comparative best-practices nationally to identify deviations that warrant special attention. As the project coordinator, she oversees the support staff and serves as ILPP's liaison.

Vicki Markey
Probation and Community Corrections Specialist

Ms. Markey specializes in evaluating and planning alternatives to incarceration, including staffing, workload, and costs. Ms. Markey is a retired Chief Deputy Probation Officer from San Diego County, California, where she managed an adult minimum security jail as well as juvenile hall and probation and program services for all county adult and juvenile offenders. She has over two decades of experience designing, implementing and evaluating programs in offender management, and specilizes in evidence-based practices and risk assessment instruments.

Michael McNamara, MP, MA
Corrections Architect

Mr. McNamara has planned, programmed and designed over 1 million square feet of jail and prison space nationally, and now is a recently retired professor of architecture. He has extensive knowledge in planning and developing architectural scenarios for jails, and has been involved in state-level prison master planning, remodeling studies and a wide variety of life-cycle cost studies, evaluating facilities and available alternatives. Mr. McNamara received his B.Arch. from North Carolina State University, his M.A. in Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Thant Oo
Information and Technology Systems Specialist

Mr. Oo is ILPP’s lead information and technology systems specialist, who recently spent several years developing a new internet project in criminal justice data integration. He has staffed many ILPP criminal justice data studies which include analyses of information flow between justice agencies and identifying the bottlenecks and inefficiencies; interfaced with local information services agencies; and, created analytical tools and studies from most of ILPP’s recent work. Mr. Oo is a database programming expert and anchors work for many county criminal justice planning efforts.

Anthony Solana
Research Associate

Mr. Solana has a wide range of experience in police work, monitoring, community legal work, city planning, and legal research. Mr. Solana worked for the UC Berkeley Police Department before joining ILPP’s staff, and served as Research Associate for Dr. Kalmanoff’s role as a Special Master on the nation’s largest prison litigation. He has strong experience in interviewing community leaders as well as various populations in the justice systems.

Palmer Stinson
Organizational Planning and Law Enforcement Specialist

Palmer Stinson, retired from the Oakland Police Department’s top management and from California’s POST Program, has audited law enforcement agencies throughout California. In his long-term work with ILPP, he has evaluated police staffing, budgets and operations to develop recommendations on improved efficiency in patrol investigation, and conducted performance audits and management evaluations. He is a published authority on management, staffing, and workload.

Brian Taugher, JD
Prosecution and Information Technology Expert

Mr. Taugher is a retired California career prosecutor with over 35 years of justice system information technology experience and leadership in state and local government. He has accomplished extensive prosecution, prison, and jail development work, including a position as Director of the California Blue Ribbon Commission on Jail Crowding. Having participated in the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Industry Work Group, Mr. Taugher has significant nationally-based experience and expertise with integrating criminal justice databases with middleware and directed an NIJ grant in this area.

David Voorhis, MPA
Senior Corrections Consultant

Mr. Voorhis has been involved in law enforcement since 1959, and was the first director of a direct supervision jail in the United Statea. Since 1977, he has served in the capacity of Senior Consultant to the Department of Justice and the NIC. As key consultant in the development and implementation of the NIC’s “Planning the Opening of New Institutions” program, Mr. Voorhis provided training and onsite technical assistance to over 5,000 representatives of city, county, and state agencies nationwide over the last few decades.

Candice Wong, MD, PhD, MPH
Medical Director

Dr. Wong is a practicing physician, health services researcher and a Board Member for ILPP as well as a member of numerous advisory committees on health care delivery. She has extensive expertise in health care evaluation and service delivery planning overall, and in particular on disparity, cultural obstacles to care, disability and in corrections health care. As Principal, Dr. Wong was credited with saving $2.5 of the $6.5 million dollar Hillsborough County jail medical budget. She is internationally known for health service delivery and systems research, and the recipient of many National Institute of Health research awards.