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ILPP receives guidance from both our esteemed Board of Directors, which provides managerial oversight and direction, and our Advisory Board, which offers expertise for ILPP's broad policy direction.

Board of Directors

Dr. Alan Kalmanoff is the President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director to ILPP. Dr. Kalmanoff is a criminal justice expert and works nationally as a consultant on issues of jail overcrowding and system reengineering.

Linda Guyden serves as the Treasurer on ILPP's Board of Directors. Ms. Guyden is a Certified Public Accountant and a knowledgeable CFO, having had national experience in accounting and auditing.

Shelley Bergum is the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Ms. Bergum is a public communications and business expert, and the head of the California Communications Access Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with public utilities to provide telecommunications services and equipment to people with disabilities.

Robert Funk provides ILPP with his expertise in disability rights as a leader in the disability rights movement. Mr. Funk is a retired General Counsel to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which oversees the enforcement of the laws prohibiting employment-related discrimination.

Dr. Blanche Pearlman serves in a general capacity on the Board, providing her expertise as a Research Psychologist. Dr. Pearlman is a nationally recognized school psychologist.

Dr. Candice Wong aids ILPP through her extensive medical expertise. Dr. Wong is a physician and social epidemiologist, as well as an expert in the disparities in medicine due to gender, race, and culture.

Advisory Board

Allen Breed is a retired Director of the federal government's National Institute of Corrections. As such, Mr. Breed is a national expert in corrections, as well as in court oversight of detention facilities.

I. Michael Heyman served as Secretary to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. from 1994 until 1999. He was also a law professor and Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley.

Ruth Rushen is a former Director of the California Department of Corrections. Ms. Rushen was the first woman and first African American to direct a prison system.

Dr. Mimi Silbert is the President and founder of the Delancey Street Foundation. Through this foundation, many residents have recovered from serious social problems to become hard-working contributors to society.

Dr. Bayard Catron is a retired Professor of Public Administration at George Washington University. Dr. Catron is known for his work on social action, rural cooperatives, and urban planning.

Judith Heumann is a former Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services. Ms. Heumann was a founder of the disability rights movement, and continues to be a major leader in striving for equal access.

Nancy Isaac is the Director of the Chicago Paratransit Agency, which oversees the largest paratransit system in the world. Ms. Isaac is a national expert on urban transportation and the disabled.