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The Institute for Law and Policy Planning (ILPP) is a nonprofit policy and research organization located in Berkeley, California. ILPP was founded over 30 years ago and specializes in assessing complex public policy issues in order to provide recommendations on improving entire justice systems. Our team of experienced staff has worked with over 400 counties in criminal justice policy evaluation and planning.

Executive Director Alan Kalmanoff
Federal Monitor Press Conference, Cincinnati, OH. Source: WLWT News

We are led by our executive director, Alan Kalmanoff, JD, MSW, PhD, who serves as Executive Director to ILPP.

Dr. Kalmanoff is a national policy consultant on cost-effective local government planning in all aspects of public safety and criminal justice systems, facilities and health planning, as well as training and facilitation. He has been a law professor at the University of California and taught in a half dozen academic departments; authored a widely regarded textbook; and directed over 450 related studies nationwide. He has often consulted with the U.S. and California Departments of Justice, the National Institute of Corrections, and the California Department of Corrections in addition to various legislatures and court agencies, and been appointed by Federal Judges to oversee, investigate and study large prison systems, jail systems of all sizes, and police agencies.

This has resulted in improved processing, staff and client population management, and facility development to realize savings of billions and improvements in policy and practice.

ILPP regularly employs our team of experienced consultants in working with clients, and also is given direction by our boards, who lend us their expertise.