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ILPP's performance audit provides a client with an objective and systematic examination of the operations of an organization. ILPP evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of program operations, examines adherence to applicable laws, ordinances and statutes, and reviews the achievement of the program mission. This in turn provides information to improve public accountability and facilitate decision making for action.

ILPP has a unique set of credentials and experience for conducting performance audits for local, county, state, and federal government agencies. First, ILPP is directed and staffed by planners with extensive experience in law and planning. Our work for over half the California counties, most of the major Florida counties, and many state agencies has examined the intergovernmental, consumer and financial aspects of government planning. Of greater importance, ILPP is an agency with policy planning experience, including issues of law and regulations that affect government agencies. ILPP conducts audits conforming to the generally accepted government auditing standards as promulgated by the U.S. Comptroller General (1994).

Incident Investigations

ILPP performs incident investigations for local, state, and federal government agencies usually following a preliminary review by local officials that demonstrate the need for findings that can only be determined from a third-party viewpoint. After reviewing existing reports and conducting interviews with personnel from local law enforcement agencies, ILPP conducts background interviews with witnesses, etc. Additional documents including photographs, videotape, and other agency reports are examined and reviewed to determine chain of events and make recommendations for future incident handling.

Program Compliance Audits

ILPP conducts program compliance audits to assess overall organizational performance and efficiency, and recommends changes and savings. ILPP staff conducts interviews with key employees, managers, and administrators in addition to extensive records review, data collection, and follow-up interviews to ascertain program compliance and adherence to the agency's mission statement.

Findings and recommendation are developed to assist clients bring their agencies into program compliance and increase productivity.

Procedural Reviews

ILPP performs procedural reviews for government agencies interested in determining effectiveness, efficiency, and responsiveness of programs and procedures. Research is also conducted to determine the broader context of programs and procedures.