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ILPP's work saves clients money.
ILPP's work illustrates a high level of integrity.
ILPP's work is fair, independent, and thorough.
ILPP builds consensus among officials, agency heads, and the community.
ILPP's clients are satisfied.

ILPP's work saves clients money.

[Hillsborough County (Tampa), FL] has achieved an overall savings in the contract amount of $1,500,000.

Pat Bean, County Administrator

With [Dr. Kalmanoff's] leadership, our 58 judges have taken responsibility for managing their own docket, and we are beginning to see major cost savings.

Randy Johnson, Chairman, Board of Commissioners, Hennepin County, MN

The work ILPP presented to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners is predicted to produce a savings of at least $10 million annually in operating costs and several million in construction cost.

Linda Chapin, Chairman, Board of Commissioners, Orange County (Orlando), FL

The bottom line is we avoided building the new jail and $100,000,000 by improving the efficiency of the criminal justice system.

Foster Cook, Director, Community Corrections Program, Jefferson County, AL

We are pleased with the results and if all recommendations are to be implemented over a period of one to four years, the savings to the County could be from $1-million to $2-million per year.

Robert E. Michener, Supervisor, Inyo County, CA

ILPP's work illustrates a high level of integrity.

ILPP did not simply come in, make a recommendation and leave; all of the team members were committed to implementation…. I commend the services of ILPP to any jurisdiction that faces the tough challenge of balancing funding constraints with maximum public safety.

Chuck Klarich, Chairman, Board of Commissioners, Yakima County, WA

There are insufficient words of praise to adequately express the high level of integrity and professionalism displayed by Dr. Kalmanoff and his staff.

David A. Mitchell, Administrator, County Commission, Montgomery County, AL

I am absolutely convinced that the success we experienced was due in major part to Dr. Kalmanoff's professional training and his dedication to the task at hand.

Tom Hurlburt, Police Chief, City of Orlando, FL

I was skeptical about bringing in "consultants" to tell us how to run our business. Law enforcement doesn't cotton well to academics in ivory towers… Your staff has been cut from a different cloth and it was apparent in your dealings with the community.

Nola Foulston, District Attorney, Sedgwick County, KS

ILPP's work is fair, independent, and thorough.

The feedback I have gotten back regarding Dr. Kalmanoff and ILPP is that they are direct and objective, are not influenced by political agendas and work amiably with all agencies in the system.

Ed Turanchik, Board of Commissioners, Hillsborough County (Tampa), FL

I believe that the information you presented to the Board of Supervisors was objective and well balanced. I appreciate the fact that you kept to the "high road," even when challenges arose.

Sean B. Farrell, Deputy Administrative Officer, Butte County, CA

ILPP's team completed a surprisingly comprehensive and data based inquiry into our local system... and in the end won our trust and respect because of changes that are now taking place in Orange County.

Kevin Beary, Sheriff, Orange County (Orlando), FL

Dr. Kalmanoff and Mr. Eberly have a thorough understanding of public policy issues and regularly use their extensive experience to facilitate discussion and identify options for the Board's consideration. They pursue the best interests of their client with determination and deliver their services with a caring, personal touch.

Robert B. Webb, County Manager, Allegheny County, PA

ILPP builds consensus among officials, agency heads, and the community.

Not only were the principal players from different sides of the political spectrum, open hostilities among the group were commonplace. You entered this minefield with confidence, a sound knowledge base of the issues, and a style that allowed all at the table, for at least the 90 minutes of our meetings, to lay down their swords and talk freely without the fear of political reprisal.

Robert A. Kelly, President Judge, Allegheny County, PA

Based on ILPP recommendations we have created a Law and Justice cabinet of elected officials and key Law & Justice department heads.… I am very happy with their work and would hire them again, without question.

Jeff Sax, Chair, Law & Justice/Human Services Council Committee, Snohomish County, WA

A primary strength of our initiative is the fact that we have all the "players" at our criminal justice system at the table working to achieve a common purpose.… ILPP's team was through, professional, and was able to earn the trust of our team members."

Karen Floyd, Chair, County Council, Spartanburg County, SC

ILPP's clients are satisfied.

I have taken the liberty of recommending your firm for a similar project, and, as you know, I urged the Governor's Task Force on Criminal Justice and Corrections, of which I am a member, to retain you and to ask you to address us.

Fred Karl, Chief Administrative Officer, Hillsborough County (Tampa), FL

Not only do I recommend ILPP's work to any locality seeking tangible improvements in their planning and management, but we have retained ILPP for a second study to evaluate the civil divisions of our court system.

Linda Chapin, Chairman, Board of Commissioners, Orange County (Orlando), FL

In the early period of the study, I was very skeptical that positive benefits would be produced.… However, my experience with ILPP has been extremely positive. All of the representatives of the group have demonstrated a positive knowledge of the operations of courts.

James B. Paslay, Judge, Spartanburg County, SC

You and your firm were real professionals!… The members of your firm put a lot of energy into the study. They were hard working, easy to contact, and listened carefully.… You remained true to our objective of providing a quality study within budget.

David L. Baker, Assistant County Administrator, San Joaquin County, CA

I want to express my appreciation for your availability and willingness to follow up and follow through with our many continued requests for assistance, even after the completion of the study. Please know that your guidance and cooperation in answering our inquiries have been invaluable.

Thomas E. Mountjoy, Circuit Court Judge, 31st Judicial Circuit (Springfield), MO